Öster the French beatmaker decided to unveil 1minute beats every day for one month until the french music festival day on June 21. DOPE. check his channel.

Öster le beatmaker français à décider de nous lâcher une instru d’ 1minute chaque jour pendant 1 mois et ce jusqu’à la fête de la musique le 21 juin. Belle idée… différents links pour découvrir l’artiste >  > 

everyday’s beats 



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Street Artist FAREWELL’s Destroys Outdoor Advertisements With Homemade Paper Shredder

Street art is well known for its finite lifespan and dependence on documentation for audiences outside of the immediate vicinity of the public work to experience it. French street artist FAREWELL typically creates accompanying videos along with his interventions, expertly documenting the entirety of his project from conception to execution. And Strip Box might be his best yet.

As seen in this poetic yet instructional video, FAREWELL creates a rather simple device (which the artist calls the “destructeur”) with wood, hardware and X-Acto blades. Executed in Paris, the destructeur is placed inside of a bus stop’s rotating advertisement, creating a self-shredding device when the ads rotate. Strip Box is not only ingeniously simple, but also strongly imagines a world where advertisements disrupt themselves.